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I have a .com after my name


I am so glad that you have stopped by my new corner of the world wide web! When I was in HS I worked at a local feed store, the book keeper at that feed store moved several states away but was still doing the books from afar. A fancy computer was set up at the feed store so we could communicate with the book keeper--I clearly remember watching the screen and seeing her type out words and then responding!!  In 1992 that was so unimaginable!!  I have come a long way from feed store cashier to seeing my name before a .com!

In my mind I have a pretty good idea how things on the blog will go- I want to share with you art (of course!), things I have learned and products I like, techniques that I use and let you know what's going on with Retreats!

To start out I want YOU to come to my retreats.

Fall Pumpkins, Feathers and Fuzzies!

I have 2 dates set up and will have 5 spots in each class. I am limiting the number of students for a couple of reasons- 1. My classroom table seats 5. and 2. with 5 students I feel like I can provide the personal attention each student needs.

I would love to have you in one of my 1st two classes- please hit the tab at the top left "retreats" and read all about the class. Both dates will cover the same material, just pick a date that works for you!

  • October 29th, 2016
  • November 12, 2016

Here are a few samples of what we will be painting!