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Let's talk masking

First off Happy Friday Yall!

Today I want to talk about a product I recently found. I found this product while browsing the art isle at Michael's. While in the store I asked the "Google" what it was. My brief search told me I needed it!! (HaHa! It's never about need, is it?)

I came home with a bottle of Masking Fluid. I watch a few youtube videos and started a small mushroom painting.  Most of the artist I watched on youtube used it for waterfalls and streams.

This product is a thick liquid but then drys to a rubber type substance. Once dry it becomes a resist to your paint/water. Once you complete your painting you can use a finger or a eraser to remove it. Make sure your paint is dry and your finger/eraser are clean!

Here you can see my Mushrooms right after I added the liquid mask over them. (Please note these are cellphone photos, take before I knew I would have a blog)

Mushrooms with masking fluid

Mushrooms with masking fluid

Here is an in process shot. You can see that once the fluid dries it changes colors.

Here is the finished product, if I was to do it all again I would mask the entire mushroom. My original thought process was that I wanted them to have some grey area. In the end I went for red dots for that total "smurf" look!  If was a fun practice piece and I now have a few more ideas on how to do it!

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